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    Whisperos, c’est le podcast qui s’adresse à tous ceux qui regardent Game of Thrones, mais qui aimeraient en savoir un peu plus. Cinq illuminés se proposent de vous faire découvrir le riche univers de cette saga épique, avec des retours sur les épisodes, des dossiers sur les personnages, des références aux livres, des théories pourries et du vin de Dorne.

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    Allô Centrale

    Films, séries, musique, jeu vidéo, livres… toute la pop-culture est dans Allô Centrale ! Un mardi sur deux, Lux et ses chroniqueurs vous parlent d'une oeuvre. Un sujet par épisode, pas plus !

  • Logo du podcast Couleur3 - La Loi des Séries, Le Bonus

    Couleur3 - La Loi des Séries, Le Bonus

    "La Loi des Séries - Le Bonus" revient sur les coulisses, les tournages et les anecdotes croustifondantes des séries dont tout le monde devrait parler.

  • Logo du podcast SERIELAND, recommandations et coulisses de vos séries TV préférées

    SERIELAND, recommandations et coulisses de vos séries TV préférées

    Deux fois par semaine, Eva Roque et son équipe de sérivores évoquent les fictions qui posent un regard acéré sur notre société en compagnie d'invité.e.s de renom : Scénaristes, réalisatrices, comédiens, techniciennes, producteurs, mais aussi autrices, sociologues, psychologues... SERIELAND vous raconte les séries par celles et ceux qui les aiment et les font. La figure du flic dans les séries, le règne des super héros, la représentation des violences faites aux femmes, qui regarde les séries pour ados… Chaque mardi, la journaliste et ses invité.e.s se penchent sur un thème de société. Si vous ne savez plus quoi regarder, SERIELAND vous recommande chaque semaine une série à voir absolument, avec sa chronique conseil. Si vous voulez tout savoir sur l’envers du décor, la chronique coulisse viendra satisfaire votre curiosité. Et le jeudi, Eva Roque vous propose un grand entretien avec une personnalité du monde des séries [...]

  • Logo du podcast Seriemördarna - Med Magnus Betnér & Erik Rosenberg

    Seriemördarna - Med Magnus Betnér & Erik Rosenberg

    Seriemördarna är en podcast där Magnus Betnér och Erik Rosenberg varje vecka pratar om ett tema knutet till TV-serier. Diskussionen rör både ämnet i sig, men också serierna som berör själva ämnet samt Magnus och Eriks personliga favoriter i olika genres. Dessutom bjuder de på varsitt tips i varje avsnitt.

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    Dein Podcast für Videospiele, Comics, TV-Serien & mehr ... "fast live!" (ehemaliger consol.AT Podcast)

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    Switch/Flicks is a weekly film & TV review show where podcasters Omar Abbas and Hysum Ismail battle their opinions out in a game of wit and sabotage. The rules are simple. Every time a podcaster yells "SWITCH!!", they have to switch their opinion to the opposite argument. Blood will be shed every Monday. Swith/Flicks is a Dukkan Media drop. May the odds be ever in our favour.

  • Logo du podcast Take the Black Podcast, a Game of Thrones Podcast

    Take the Black Podcast, a Game of Thrones Podcast

    A Game of Thrones podcast for the Winter is Coming community.

  • Logo du podcast The Bake Down - Bake Off Reviewed

    The Bake Down - Bake Off Reviewed

    The Bake Down is the go to podcast for those who can't get enough of the Great British Bake Off. Founder of Bake With A Legend (the company that let's you bake alongside former contestants) Josh Landy will be joined by former contestants Howard Middleton and Jane Beedle for the duration of the 2019 series to digest the latest action in the tent. If you want the inside track and inspired insight, this is the podcast for you.

  • Logo du podcast The Bloody Disgusting Podcast

    The Bloody Disgusting Podcast

    A horror discussion podcast about our favorite things in horror. Featuring lead critic for Bloody Disgusting Meagan Navarro, horror blogger and youtuber The Real Queen of Horror Zena Dixon, and creator of the horror narration podcast "Creepy" Jon Grilz.

  • Logo du podcast The Connect

    The Connect

    Jason Concepcion and Shea Serrano discuss two movies and the things that connect them. Each episode will focus around a theme. That theme can be anything from characters from similar movievations, merciless mentors, and killer robots. They will then break down the connections of that main theme through a series of segments and games to share their love for not only these two movies, but cinema and its themes as a whole.

  • Logo du podcast The Flick Chicks

    The Flick Chicks

    The Flick Chicks is a podcast hosted by Allison Dodge and Jane Moore where we talk about all things movie. Join us every week for a unique look into any type of movie you could imagine.

  • Logo du podcast The Podcast of Surprise (The Witcher)

    The Podcast of Surprise (The Witcher)

    A deep dive into Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher book series and Netflix's adaptation of it. Support this podcast:

  • Logo du podcast The Radio Times Podcast

    The Radio Times Podcast

    Each week Jane Garvey hosts the Radio Times podcast to talk TV – and more. From interviews with the small screen’s biggest names to recommendations of the shows you must not miss, Jane and her guests will mark your card for the week ahead. Whether you want to watch Jodie Comer in Help! or Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers, enjoy a slice of Bake Off or simply want to binge Sex Education, followed by Succession, the best of the box is here. Join us every Tuesday for a whistle stop tour of the finest treats the entertainment world has to offer. Starts 7th & September.

  • Logo du podcast The Recappables

    The Recappables

    The TV show you just watched, explained in detail and in depth with Ringer staffers and friends.

  • Logo du podcast The Secret Alliance

    The Secret Alliance

    The Big Brother 3 secret alliance of Jason Guy and Danielle Reyes is back together again. Let's get ready for Big Brother 22!

  • Logo du podcast THE TRP SHOW


    Changing times of Television. From Buniyaad to Mirzapur, from Humlog to Sacred Games, television has changed drastically in not only the delivery of content, but also platform. One thing that has stayed, and will stay forever, is the people’s desire to know what happens behind the scenes, is there real chemistry between the actors and is there animosity within the set. The topics we would want to cover will be extremely interesting for the listener. For example, the iconic kiss of Ram Kapoor which shattered norms to the bold display of gore and sex showed in Sacred Games. Bigg Boss contestants are in constant glare of the media and how it affects them mentally and socially. Was Ram Kapoor awkward with the co-star before and after the scene?Was there apprehension before the shot? When Kubra Sait signed Sacred Games, was she aware of the bold scenes she was going to be doing and what did her family feel about the scenes? [...]

  • Logo du podcast The Watch

    The Watch

    Every week, The Ringer's Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music.

  • Logo du podcast The West Wing Weekly

    The West Wing Weekly

    An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television’s most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.

  • Logo du podcast The World We Deserve - A True Detective Podcast

    The World We Deserve - A True Detective Podcast

    The World We Deserve is Bald Move's officially unofficial podcast for HBO's True Detective anthology. Join us each week for an in depth discussion on the show's characters, themes, and mysteries.