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  • Logo du podcast Kaorin


    Un mardi sur deux, Amo fait le tour musical de la culture visuelle japonaise: animes, jeux vidéo, visual novel ou bien encore doujin music dans une émission destinée aussi bien aux néophytes qu'aux otakus !

  • Logo du podcast YATTA ! - RTS

    YATTA ! - RTS

    L'actu Manga entre coup de cœur et déception. Fichiers audio disponibles durant 30 jour(s) après diffusion.

  • Logo du podcast 탈덕한 그대들을 위한 헌정방송 후라이

    탈덕한 그대들을 위한 헌정방송 후라이

    그때 그 애니메이션, 요즘 잘 나가는 애니메이션, 취미생활. 탈덕을 한 여러분들의 덕심을 다시 한번 자극시켜줄 덕후를 위한 헌정방송, 후라이입니다!!

  • Logo du podcast Rant Café Anime Podcast

    Rant Café Anime Podcast

    Weekly Anime Podcast featuring prominent Anime YouTubers and Memers. Business inquiries: .

  • Logo du podcast Geek Bluez Anime and Gaming

    Geek Bluez Anime and Gaming

    Got that bluez? All you need is some good sound. Good thing we’re here to help you escape the mundane and make sure you get your Geek Freak on with Anime and Gaming! So allow The Geek Bluez Podcast to tune you in and hype you up on all the things you love about nerd culture!

  • Logo de la radio Otaku Music Radio

    Otaku Music Radio

    La radio de los otakus

  • Logo du podcast Not Safe For Weebs

    Not Safe For Weebs

    Join us, Emma Fyffe and Chris Lam, as we explore and celebrate a new anime/game character pairing (or "ship") each episode. Are you ready to set sail on some ships? Because we have a boatload of fanfics and doujinshi to get through. Support this podcast:

  • Logo du podcast Mangacast


    L'émission du manga et de l'animation japonaise !

  • Logo du podcast BD Sans Modération

    BD Sans Modération

    Un podcast BD qui claque