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    Vantagepoint Radio's tracks

    VantagePoint is a monthly radio show hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough and Tom Auto64. Each episode features an established artist or group of artists in the post graffiti/urban art/contemporary art scene and will bridge the gap between the artwork hanging on gallery walls around the world, and the artists who create that work. The show is released 1st of each month

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    Czytu Czytu

    Podcast trzech miłośniczek czytania. Omawiamy budzące emocje tytuły, analizujemy motywy i tropy, komentujemy doniesienia ze świata literatury – a wszystko to okraszamy wrażeniami z ostatnio przeczytanych książek i komiksów. Prowadzą: Magdalena Adamus (Megu), Marta Najman (Oceansoul), Katarzyna Czajka (Zwierz Popkulturalny). Jesteśmy częścią sieci podcastów

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    deBuren wil de culturele en maatschappelijke samenwerking en uitwisseling bevorderen tussen Vlaanderen en Nederland, en tussen Nederlandstaligen en de Europese partners, door te presenteren, te produceren, te inspireren en te verbinden. Waar mogelijk wil deBuren de Vlaamse en Nederlandse cultuur samen presenteren in derde landen. - deBuren presenteert Voorstellingen, lezingen en debatten - deBuren produceert Online magazine, podcasts, citybooks - deBuren inspireert Residentie voor jonge schrijftalenten Kennisknooppunt voor Noord & Zuid - deBuren verbindt Duurzame grensoverschrijdende samenwerking

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    Den 4. Væg

    Den 4. Væg er en podcast om dansk scenekunst. Vi taler om teater og med teater. Hver anden uger udgiver vi en podcast, der både indeholder anmeldelser, reportager fra det danske scenekunstliv og interviews med relevante personligheder. Vores mål er at kunne åbne scenekunstens magiske verden op for endnu flere – og særligt unge! Gennem vores anmeldelser håber vi at kunne fungere som guider for, hvor det er allerfedest at smide sine måske sparsomme kroner henne.

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    Büchermarkt - Deutschlandfunk

    Der Büchermarkt im Deutschlandfunk (tägl. 16.10 - 16.30 Uhr, Sa. 16.05): Rezensionen, Autorengespräche, Kurzfeatures, Kritikergespräche, Taschenbuchtipps, Verlagsporträts, samstags: Kinder- und Jugendliteratur mit der monatlichen Deutschlandfunk-Bestenliste "DIE BESTEN 7", sonntags: "Das Buch der Woche")

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    The Back Half

    Join Tom Gatti and Kate Mossman for the best of the New Statesman's arts and books pages, in your ears every other Thursday. Send noniversary suggestions and other comments to

  • Logo du podcast The Brocantist podcast

    The Brocantist podcast

    pour tous les curieux de design et de décoration intérieure qui aiment écouter aux portes

  • Logo du podcast The Guardian Australia: Culture Podcast

    The Guardian Australia: Culture Podcast

    The Guardian Australia's culture team are often joined by performers, writers, musicians, and artists of every form. They discuss the news, trends, events and everything else which encompass Australia’s incredible culture

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  • Logo du podcast Design Table

    Design Table

    본격 디자인 전문 팟캐스트, 레퍼런스 찾느라 지친 눈을 잠시 쉬어가는 팟캐스트, 평범한 디자이너들의 초대석을 지향하는 팟캐스트. 테이블에 모여 앉아 나누는 디자인 이야기, Design Table에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

  • Logo du podcast The Art of Process with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

    The Art of Process with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

    The Art of Process with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo is the newest artistic collaboration from legendary singer-songwriters Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. Every other week, Aimee and Ted talk to friends across the creative spectrum to find out how they work. And sure, they're friends with a lot of musicians, but weirdly not as many as you'd expect. So you'll hear from comedians, directors, novelists, show creators - ok, yes, some musicians - writers, producers and more, as they discuss the process of turning an idea into art.

  • Logo du podcast The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/ Preston Pugmire

    The Chris Loves Julia Podcast w/ Preston Pugmire

    Conversations about DIY, Home Design, and family. Chris Loves Julia is a DIY home design blog that started in 2008. It has since become the go to place for design and home renovation info for millions of readers. On this podcast we go behind the curtain on blogging, home renovation, and design in general and how it all relates to having a home that is "lived in" by a family.



    Hi there! Dubai Fashion News is the new podcast where you can get to know everything about the fashion industry. Here we will interview fashion designers, influencers, models, photographers, shop owners, you name it. And what for? To learn their insights, their stories and the lessons they learnt along the way. Please susbcribe to the podcast to receive the latest news about the fashion industry and get to know the players in it.

  • Logo du podcast The Guardian UK: Culture Podcast

    The Guardian UK: Culture Podcast

    The Guardian's Culture podcast features the best of our original writing, drama, reviews and news.  Our latest series is 'Adulting' the Guardian's first foray into original podcast content supported by Lloyds Bank.

  • Logo du podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    Join Jordan Harbinger with Jason DeFillippo as we get deep into the untapped wisdom of the world’s top performers -- from intelligence operatives to legendary musicians, iconoclastic writers to visionary changemakers. We deconstruct the playbooks of the most successful people on earth -- and learn new strategies, perspectives and insights you can’t find anywhere else. Then, take these practical insights into your own life and live what you listen.

  • Logo du podcast The Musicals & Theatre Podcast

    The Musicals & Theatre Podcast

    Get closer to the stars of the stage with The Musicals & Theatre Podcast! In each episode Magic Radio's Alice Arnold is chatting with a writer, composer, producer or performer from the world of theatre and musicals. Look out for guests including Gary Barlow, Ruthie Henshall and Michael Ball.

  • Logo du podcast The Shakespeare Sessions

    The Shakespeare Sessions

    Is he the world’s greatest playwright? Make up your own mind with these original, innovative productions & casts that would sell out the West End in minutes. Lend them your ears.

  • Logo du podcast The Start

    The Start

    ​The Start is a podcast about artistic beginnings, as told by great artists of our time. Focussing on one piece; they share how these early moments of creativity shaped them, the influence it had on their subsequent work, and what the piece now means to them in retrospect.

  • Logo du podcast Tid til bøger

    Tid til bøger

    'Tid til bøger' er et ugentligt bogmagasin, der dykker ned i tidens populære bøger. En bouillonterning af gode historier, interview, montage og lyd. Vært og tilrettelægger: Janus Camara. Podcasten produceres af Politikens Forlag.

  • Logo du podcast L'actu culturelle sur Europe 1

    L'actu culturelle sur Europe 1

    L'actu culturelle sur Europe1.