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  • Logo de la radio Reflejos FM

    Reflejos FM

    Fm Reflejos 103.7 Radio online desde Sierra De La Ventana.

  • Logo de la radio Resplandor FM 99.7

    Resplandor FM 99.7

    Resplandor FM 99.7 is a broadcast based radio station from Montevideo that plays Spanish local genre of music.

  • Logo de la radio Siglo XXI

    Siglo XXI

    La mania de la ciudad

  • Logo de la radio Sport 890

    Sport 890

    La Radio Deportiva del Uruguay

  • Logo de la radio Tacuarembo 1280 AM

    Tacuarembo 1280 AM

    Fundada el 22 de Diciembre de 1966 por Celiar Rovira y Ariel Pandolfi. Nueva Empresa desde el 5 de Octubre de 1987.

  • Logo de la radio The Sweet Sixties

    The Sweet Sixties

    The best in Pop from the sixties

  • Logo de la radio UNI Radio

    UNI Radio

    UNI Radio is the first university radio of Uruguay. It was created by the momentum and the work of the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting co-governed body, with the presence of students, alumni and teachers of the Degree in Communication Sciences, who were interested in creating a media run by university but room for the whole society. The project was accelerated in 2004, after a call to build a pioneering group to realize the idea. A concurred that call thirty people, mostly students, but with the presence also of some graduates and teachers. In 2005 the first tests of closed-circuit transmission began, but it was in mid-2006 that the state granted the use of the frequency 89.1 FM. The April 20, 2007 officially opened UNI RADIO. Currently UNI RADIO transmitted continuously seven days a week for the 89.1 FM dial.

  • Logo de la radio Universal Digital

    Universal Digital

    Udigital - En Red Estamos. Portal interactivo y Radio Online para estar comunicados entre todos, porque: En red, estamos.

  • Logo de la radio Urbana 92.5
  • Logo de la radio Zoe Gospel Music

    Zoe Gospel Music

    Magazine con noticias, música, El Porque de las cosas, Curiosidades, La guía del Trotamundos, Historias para la mañana, Hablemos de Salud, Historia, Tecnología y Ciencia.

  • Logo de la radio Zudoonline