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  • Worlds End (Produced and Written by Esther Mitchell)

    Esther (NEW ZEALAND)

  • Fall Into Your Arms (Produced by Stephen Short and Written by Ian Ash)

    Ian and The Dream (Milwuakee, USA)

  • Fade To Grey (Produced and Written by Chris Oneill/Brendan Oneill)

    Chris ONeill (AUSTRALIA)

  • Bayhouse

    Save the Arcadian

  • The Girl Next Door (Produced by Jim Gaven/Lonely Music Group/Rob Freeman and Written by Jim Gaven)

    Jim Gaven (USA)

  • Your Universe

    Amycanbe (ITALY)

  • Run 2 Me (Produced by Jamie Evens and Written by Gilbert Morton/Lorence Green/Ronald Mahoney)

    120 (New Jersey, USA)

  • Between Her (Produced and Written by Dat Guy)

    Dat Guy (USA)

  • 1000 Miles To Go (Produced by Ritchie Rubini and Written by Gabbard/Reyes/Rubini)

    Maggie Gabbard (USA)

  • L.Y.G (Featuring Redric)

    Rome Alexander (Pittsburg, USA)