Radio Jamaica

Radio Jamaica, the radio of the Jamaica Jamaica! exhibition at the National Gallery Kinston

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In 1959, the first local radio station, JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation), founded by one the architects of Jamaican independance, Norman Manley, became the first station on the island’s airwaves to focus more on Jamaican music than American jazz and rhythm and blues. From this point on, radio became not only a source of pride for Jamaicans, but the first link in the record production chain : live contests talent shows provided producers with a pool of fresh talent for the Jamaican music industry. In honour of this extraordinary slice of music history, the exhibition Jamaica Jamaica ! decided to create Radio Jamaica, the exhibition’s very own web radio, which broadcast 24/24h 7/7d non stop thousand of songs, mixes, archives and playlists by surprise guests around the all course of the exhibition.