Karnataka Sangeetham

Dedicated to the Carnatic music,provide an avenue for rasikas worldover to listen to Sangeetham 24x7

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Carnatic music is a welcoming art with a great tradition that accommodates rasikas irrespective of their knowledge level. In fact, regularly listening to Carnatic music is half of practicing the art form itself. This is the mission of our radio - as you keep listening, you keep honing your knowledge and improving “kelvi gnanam” Our Mission is to provide an avenue to listen to Karnataka Sangeetham anytime one wants to on the web that is available for free, anytime, anywhere. We want you to be able to integrate into the Carnatic music ecosystem and listen to stalwarts, seasoned and upcoming artists - vocal and instrumental. We would also like to empower young & budding artists from anywhere in the world by providing them a global online platform to broadcast their music. In the near future, we would like to have an additional channel that hosts podcasts on music learning, music appreciation and stream live concerts.