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Gemjin is an Independently owned platform. We are the digital broadcasting arm of Intuitive Life Work Productions, whose flagship radio show 'ILNRadio" has been running since 2009. We are the digital broadcasting arm of Choice Treasures Branding and Marketing partnership with Intuitive Life Network Productions. We expanded the platform in 2010 to include several production houses from around America and across the globe to bring you fresh inspiring consent. We partner to bring you the work and collaborations of many production houses across the globe. We ensure fresh ideas and inspiring content from every one of our contributors. Gemjin serves as the flagship station for many of these production houses. Though we started out with a few songs from Akapello DiGeneral, Brandon Bell, David G Duke, the Plasma Factory and Chris Morin, we have expanded to include music and production from all these fine independently artists, producers and production houses: