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Christmas Music 24/7 is a network of Internet radio stations, run by me, Michael Clark, from my home. Yes, I listen to Christmas Music the entire year. And so do many other people. I’ve received notes from missionaries, tourists, and people homebound who have been appreciative of being able to get some Christmas cheer any time of the year. Since I started webcasting in 2004, I have had over 7 million listeners. That’s an incredible response. But all of this takes a fair amount of money and time to keep running. In November 2004 I started the station just to share the Christmas carols and other music I had collected. In 2009, I added two new professional-class stations, Christmas Music 24/7 Country, and Christmas Music 24/7 More. And the Traditional station was the #1 station at Live365, and the Jazz/Instrumental station was #2. Right now, I am planning on adding a few new, non-Christmas stations in 2011, more details to come out shortly.