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We are the most futuristic radio station on the web. We believe that AI Music Radio is the first radio station in the world that plays only songs composed by Artificial Intelligence – Computer. There are no humans involved in making of songs, everything is made by AI musician – computer program. Every song that you hear on this radio is unique, no song will ever repeat. Currently there are more than 5000 unique Artificial Intelligence(AI) songs in our radio library. Our “AI musician“ is always busy, every week we will add 200 new AI songs to our library. Beside music you will also hear our AI radio hosts Droid and Eve who are also computer made, and will talk about Artificial Intelligence, Games, Web, Applications and about computer technology in general. Music genres that our “AI musician” is composing are: Techno Soft-Rock Dance HipHop Acoustic Cinematic Classical 8-bit