SomaFM: Earwaves

The history of electronic and experimental music from the early pioneers to the latest innovators.

  • Chaos & the Emergent Mind of the Pond

    David Dunn

  • Bell Study

    Brian Eno

  • Borobudur

    Loren Nerell

  • Old Men Of The Fiesta: Dance 4b; `The 'Hair Of Dog' Coda`

    Peter Garland

  • Frantic Fix

    Grilly Biggs

  • Hyper Erhu (Hyper Erhu)

    John Von Seggern

  • 05 Suite for Cello and Harp -- Chorale

    Karen Gottlieb

  • III Warszawa

    Phillip Glass

  • The Sound of Ringing Sleep

    M. Griffin

  • Circadian Rhythms- Phase 2 (Part 3)

    Steve Roach