classical CROOZE

classical CROOZE - a carefully crafted mix of the most beautifull classical music

  • Symphony no.2 in D major (Op.43)

    Sibelius :

  • Rhapsody in Blue (transcribed for solo piano)


  • Symphony No. 39 In E Flat, K. 543


  • Rondo A Capriccio In G Major Op. 129 (Rage Over A Lost Penny)

    Beethoven, Ludwig Van

  • Piano Sonata No 5 in F minor, Op 72


  • Sonnet No 43


  • Most Holy Mother of God


  • Toccata; Mariona alla vera spagnola, chiaccona

    Piccinini, Alessandro

  • Concert piece, Op.40, for piano and orchestra

    Chaminade :

  • Keyboard Concerto in F minor (BWV1056)

    J.S. Bach - Suite no. 1 in G major